Arts & Drama center / school Omaheke Region-Namibia

Due to a long and vividly twinning between Gobabis and Smallingerland a group of enthusiastic professionals started a
trust with the following objectives:

The objectives of the Trust Spoonk for Namibia are: 

  • To develop and stimulate the talents of (mainly) youngster in the Omaheke Region which contributes to a meaningful life  
  • To support and develop skills and talents of professionals working in education and/or youth care institutions which enables them to perform better and to be more effective 
  • To offer after school activities which stimulates the development of talents
  • To realise cultural happenings in the region with sculpturing, dance, music, film and theater (drama)  
  • To arrange exhibitions or performances which enables new encounters with arts & drama from other regions in the country or the rest of the world (like photo exhibitions, art galleries, dance and drama performances, concerts, movies etc.)  
  • To create a “creative hub” in Gobabis and put in on the (international) agenda’s 
  • To realise an amphi theater; a physical centre for the above-mentioned activities 
  • The arts & drama school can be the springboard for local talents to continue their training abroad with international scholarships 

We want to realise this by: 

  • Support and transfer of knowledge and skills by teachers and students from schools ( NHL-Stenden– university of applied science; Friese Poort– vocational training centre;Friesland College- VCT and others appointed by the founders of the Trust; 
  • Do fundraising to realise all this  

 The founders of SPOONK loves Namibia are: 

  • Caro Kroon 
  • Gooitsen Eenling 
  • JaapRuurd Feitsma 
  • Albert Scheffer